A cloud-based tool for building next-gen learning experiences

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In the past, Glasshouse has only been available to Sprout Labs' clients. Glasshouse is now becoming a subscription-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) that will be available for everyone to use.


It is collaborative

Your team can work together at the same time to develop experiences in Glasshouse.

easy to use

It is easy to use

Your team can easily build, update and maintain everything in Glasshouse



Unique functionality to implement the 70:20:10 learning model


Increase the activation and transfer of learning

Learning activites be sent to employees over a period of time


Build responsive learning

Desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones will display Glasshouse content beautifully

theme based

It is theme based

Glasshouse's look and feel can be tailored to reflect your branding

Get early access to Glasshouse

Amazing features to create custom learning experiences


A range of interaction types. Multiple-choice questions, short-answer questions, drag-and-drop exercises, fill-in-the-gaps (cloze), complex decision tables, branching scenarios.

content curation

Content curation. Build collections of content from across the web that can be tagged, searched and display in different ways.

social learning

Integrate self-paced learning and social learning in new ways, with commenting and wikis and journals coming soon.


Media rich. Glasshouse supports HTML video and audio along with closed captions.

easy to use

Flexible content presentation: Content and activities can be presented in a wide range of layouts and sequences.
Glasshouse includes over 250 pre-built ways to present content.

easy to use
A powerful level of control. Expert users can build complex interactive experiences which can be delivered within Glasshouse and elsewhere.
easy to use
Built in commenting. Your team can comment on content in much the same way as they are used to elsewhere.
easy to use

Your content can be exported using SCORM and can also be made available directly in your LMS using LTI.

easy to use

Learner activity is reported using xAPI (also known as Tin Can).

Get early access to Glasshouse