All your learning content in one place

Get control over your digital learning
Glasshouse is an enterprise-ready cloud-based learning content management system, which means all your learning content is in one place. No more losing source files, everyone has access to the latest version, and all your digital learning has a consistent look and feel.

Developing great digital learning is a collaborative process
The design and development of digital learning is collaborative. Even if there’s an individual subject matter expert working with a rapid development tool, you would still expect a peer or two, as well as potential learners, to be checking the learning experience at some stage during the development process. Glasshouse is a perfect way to enable collaboration.
Glasshouse learning experiences work on all devices
Desktops, laptops, tablets and even mobile phones will display Glasshouse content beautifully.
A range of interaction types
Multiple-choice questions, short-answer questions, drag-and-drop exercises, fill-in-the-gaps (cloze), complex decision tables, branching scenarios.
Media rich
Glasshouse supports HTML video and audio along with closed captions
Flexible content presentation
Content and activities can be presented in a wide range of layouts and sequences. Glasshouse includes over 250 pre-built ways to present content.
Works with any LMS
Your content can be exported using SCORM 1.2. Resources can also be made available directly in your LMS using the Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) standard. This means you can make a change in Glasshouse and it’s instantly visible.

Build powerful learning campaigns

Send your employees micro-learning over time
Learning shouldn't just be a single event or a resource that’s accessed only once. Learning campaigns are a powerful, simple way to make this shift.

With Glasshouse you can send messages to your learners via email or push notification. These messages link directly to interactive activities such as a quiz or video. They can be sent to the learner or their manager. When a learner finishes a course you can send a message to their manager with suggested coaching questions.

Curate content

Organise your resources
Every day we are flooded with information. The resources that learners need often exist but they don't know what’s relevant to them. Content curation for learning is the process of finding and sorting the right resources for your people to make sure they have the right information at the right time.

With Glasshouse you can tag links, files and other resources with keywords that can then be organised as collections and playlists, and easily searched.

Data-rich learning

Glasshouse is a powerful xAPI-enabled platform
Everything a learner does in Glasshouse is sent to a learning record store. If you don’t have one, we’ll include it for you.

xAPI-enabled workflow
Glasshouse’s xAPI workflow engine means you can build powerful, flexible workflows. Data flowing from your business systems could trigger an email message or assign a personalised learning experience based on xAPI statements.

xAPI-enabled form builder
The Glasshouse xAPI form builder enables you to build workplace assessment or induction checklists. All the data flows into your learning system.